IT Staff Augmentation: the outsourcing strategy your company needs

The term Staff Augmentation is currently in vogue, probably due to the IT industry trend of trying to reduce costs and improve the operational efficiency of projects, which is why they resort to this type of strategy. However, the real benefits of this form of augmenting a team of collaborators in an agile and flexible way are not always measured, which is why we are going to dive into this topic in a clear, simple, and concise approach.

First things first, what is Staff Augmentation?

In this age of Digital Transformation, we are facing a business landscape that is quite tough and demanding on companies as it is expected of them to have enough flexibility to launch new products, services, and functionalities at a very fast pace. This situation has put immense pressure on their IT departments, which have to develop their software in a rush to keep up with the pace of new releases. On top of that, some of these developments may involve more up-to-date or disruptive technologies, which makes everything even more complicated given the current global shortage of talent. In this context, the Staff Augmentation strategy becomes a lifeline for several companies.

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that has been in the market for some years now and allows companies to recruit technical talent from around the world, choosing the candidates that best fit their requirements and placing them on their own teams when they are needed to perform specific functions on a temporary basis, thus allowing companies to meet their set goals.

This staffing method is designed to complement an existing team with skilled technical resources to perform a variety of tasks such as programming apps or hybrid applications, improving the company's capabilities, occupying a very specific position, or filling the gap left by a member who is on leave.

The outsourcing strategy implemented by companies

This is a high-control strategy, as the staff that is recruited is employed directly by the supplier who in effect acts as a strategic partner; this is an excellent method of saving resources, and here's why:

▪️ As an employer, using Staff Augmentation strategies avoids both the cost and the responsibility of new full-time hires.

▪️ Staff Augmentation is based on a very favorable principle for the hiring company and is that the employer should only pay the professional for the time worked, a fact that would definitely have a positive impact on the company's salary statements.

▪️ By hiring developers remotely, the cost of office space, facilities, workstations, transportation, among other things, is saved.

▪️ On the other hand, the IT partner is responsible for both recruiting and training staff, so the company that hires a Staff Augmentation service only has to simply pay the established fee and that's it! They don't need to take care of anything else except growing their business.

When a company decides to acquire an IT Staff Augmentation service, it incorporates experienced software engineers into an existing team in order to push a project forward, and in that way, the work is done internally and the company can have full control of the project.

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How to know if you are in need of IT Staff Augmentation

👉 The Project is not delegable, in such case, by choosing the Staff Augmentation model it is possible to have full control over the project by only managing the work of the contracted programmers or engineers.

👉 The project requires some very specific set of skills that no one in the existing team possesses, and this is precisely one of the main reasons why this model should be chosen.

👉 There is a need to replace a specialized employee who has extended his or her leave or it has become difficult to hire the right person for the job and you are just looking to fill the gap temporarily.

👉 A new client has just been signed but the current staff is overloaded.

👉 In order to meet the company's goals and to increase the company's response capacity, you need to recruit additional human resources on a temporary basis to work on a specific project.

👉 No need or interest in hiring software engineers for the long term

IT Staff Augmentation Process 101

Before starting the IT Staff Augmentation Process you have to identify your specific Business Needs. What is that particular gap that no one in your team can fill?

✔️ Once the specific need has been identified, find a reliable IT professional company that meets your project expectations.

✔️ After selecting the right candidates and hiring them, it is necessary to provide a proper onboarding process, i.e to ensure that your in-house team gets along well with your outsourced team.

✔️ Feedback, feedback, and more feedback! It is necessary to provide constant and regular feedback to the outsourced team and to your in-house team to keep everyone on the same track.

✔️ Lastly, whether you need to up-scale or down-scale your team, the Staff Augmentation model allows you to change the size of your team at any stage of the project to fit the needs and requirements of the project.

✔️ All that remains is to enjoy the benefits of adding expert talent to your team.

The range of staff augmentation

The Staff Augmentation model can be applied not only to a wide range of industries but also offers a pool of specialists from a diverse range of disciplines pursuing different purposes, so the scope offered by the Staff Augmentation service will depend on the company that provides it. In Cobuild Lab we’ve been helping business owners, CEO's, COO’s and IT leaders get past the techno-speak and help them take a business process and turn it into a custom software solution, whether they need design and build services, technical assistance, or are looking to augment their existing team with experienced agile developers. This is our process:

✔️ We put together a well-managed team with the best software engineers and user experience specialists for full-time dedication to the assigned project.

✔️ We designate the right people with the most suitable skills to meet the project's needs, saving the client the effort of having to carry out a costly search, training, and management of new staff since we do all of this ourselves.

✔️ Our team integrates to the company that won't have to manage it as we include a Project Manager that follows up the process, paying special attention to the delivery times and the regular accomplishment of the assignments.

Staff Augmentation's key lies in boosting a company's productive capacity, working together to achieve the set goals while saving time, effort, and resources. The optimal solution will always be to hire a good partner that provides IT talent, prepared to deliver high-quality products that meet the project requirements, and above all, that is capable of complying with the established timeline in an effort to reduce the cost of additional expenses. Companies such as Cobuild Lab the kind of IT support necessary for companies to focus exclusively on their development.

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